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About Beauty Spot & Therapeutics in Bel Air, MD

Beauty Spot & Therapeutics offers a wide range of services such as: facials, fillers, botox, chemical peels, jeuveau, juvederm and many more! We are conveniently located at 564 Baltimore pike, suite 301, Bel Air MD 21014. Feel free to call us or schedule an appointment online.

About Beauty Spot & Therapeutics
About Beauty Spot & Therapeutics

At Beauty Spot & Therapeutics, we are passionate about beauty and helping people feel their most beautiful. What sets us apart is that we believe great skincare starts with great muscle care since the muscles in the face and neck attach directly under the skin, causing dynamic wrinkles. From our signature liquid facelift and liquid neck lift to micro-botox, we leave no area of the head and neck untouched and vulnerable to the natural downward forces our faces make daily, delivering incomparable results when it comes to natural looking, conservative, preventative and noninvasive facial rejuvenation.

At Beauty Spot & Therapeutics we are committed to safety and education. Our doctor is a craniofacial expert and master injector, with over ten years and over tens of thousands injectable services under her belt. Dr. Tessa, is committed to always advancing her education and learning from the best in the field of aesthetic medicine, having been lectured by top celebrity Doctors such as Dr. Shino Bay to having one on one training with lip master, Julie Horne. With her advanced knowledge, training and focus on facial esthetics and beauty, she brings an elite injection experience to deliver safe, comprehensive solutions and we are confident we can help you restore or gain the self-confidence and self-love you deserve. Our Doctor understands no two faces are alike, we celebrate everyone’s beauty and uniqueness by thoroughly assessing each client’s individual needs and personalizing a custom plan to enhance their unique beauty.

At Beauty Spot & Therapeutics we don’t just want you to feel beautiful, we want to restore you to health. Thanks to Botox combined with other non invasive and non surgical therapies, we alleviate head, neck and upper body pain and tension. Our clients experience relief from the sufferings of whiplash, TMJ, migraines, muscle strains and stress, just to name a few ailments. Treatment is always customized to each client’s individual needs and pain patterns. Many satisfied clients travel from all over the country to receive the benefits of our healing techniques.

Come in for a complimentary consultation and discover all the non invasive cosmetic and therapeutic options available to you!